To place an order with us, all you have to do is contact us, choose the product your want to produce, the required packaging, and order quantity. We will check your requirements and offer the best price available. if you need a label design, let us know your vision and we will ask our designer to make it for you.
Yes, we are cooperating with customers all over the globe. Once the order is ready for delivery, we can arrange delivery by Air, Sea, and Express.
It depends on your order requirement, such as formulation, packaging and quantity. Most of the orders we are able to fullfill within 30 working days.
Yes, the minimum quantity usually depends on the requested packaging. But, while most of the gummy manufacturers are asking for a huge minimum order of gummies, we can offer a low minimum quantity for your first order.
Yes! For custom formalization, we sign an NDA agreement. We keep all custom formulas in the strictest confidence.
Unfortunately, we cannot reveal this information. Our customer list is confidential. However, we do produce for brands in many countries such as USA, UK, Mexico, Australia and more.
No, we are unable to process drop-ship requests. Your order is prepared for pick-up or delivery directly from our factory.
No, anyone can work with us! You want to start your business, we can help you to create your product from zero to a ready to sell item.
Our manufactory is located in Shenzhen, China, managed by non-Chinese ownership. Our location allows us to be close to important supply chains of ingredients and packaging. Therefore, we can produce a wide range of packaging and deliver the goods quickly and by the highest standards.

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