Kids Multivitamins Gummy

private label

  • Natural Mix Oranges flavor
  • Manufactured with strict quality controls & the highest standards.
  • Each serving is packed with: essential Vitamins and Minerals
  • Contains NO gluten, NO dairy and NO synthetic dyes.

Multi-Vitamin gummies are an easy-to-use, scientifically formulated, vegan vitamin complex designed for your kids body!

The Multivitamin Gummies helps supplement vitamins many kids may be missing in their daily diet. Formulated with vitamins and minerals designed to help support energy, skin and body health.

Kids Multivitamins Gummy provides essential vitamins and minerals for your child's optimal health and general wellbeing. This vegan-friendly multi-vitamin gummy is scientifically formulated with natural ingredients to provide children with the right amount of vitamins and minerals needed for their growing bodies. With no artificial additives or preservatives, these gummies make it easy for children to get their daily nutrients in a delicious and fun way. The chewable gummies come in a variety of flavours, allowing kids to enjoy their vitamins with an exciting taste. These gummies have been designed to deliver essential vitamins and minerals for healthier growth and development, making them an ideal supplement for your child's diet.

KIDS Multivitamins Gummy is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a convenient and tasty way to supplement their vitamin and mineral intake. Our Multi-Vitamin gummies are formulated with scientifically-backed ingredients to help support overall body health. With a delicious, vegan-friendly gummy texture, these vitamins make it easy for anyone to get the essential vitamins and minerals their bodies need. Whether you're looking for an energy boost or just maintaining overall health, our multi-vitamin gummies are a great choice.

Formulated with Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B5, Biotin, Zinc, Magnesium and Iron.

Amazing natural Oranges smell and flavor your kid can't resist. But we recommend 1-2 gummies a day.

The vitamins work best taken for a minimum of 3 months but best results are at 6 months. Results will vary from person to person. Recommended for ages 3 and older. Ages under 3 must get doctor's permission.

Can you do a custom formulation?

Yes, tell us what is your combination and we will create your gummies accordingly.

Can I choose my packaging?

Yes, tell us which packaging you prefer and we will find it for you.

I don't have a label design, Can you help?

Yes, we offer free label design with your order. Even if you are without experience, we will build for you a ready to sell product.

Are you a manufacturer or supplier?

We are a manufacturer. You are purchasing your own brand private label directly from the factory to your hand, no middle-man.

Which gelling agent are you using?

We are using pectin as a gelling agent, it provides great texture, and most important, it is Vegan friendly. We can also use gelatin if this is what you prefer.

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